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Google cares about three things in a website:

Is this website relevant?

Is this website popular?


Is this website current and up-to-date?

SEO is really about convincing Google that your website is all three. If you do it successfully, you’ll end up on the front page of a Google search.

There are a few basic rules.

1. Convince Google your website is relevant.

Here’s an important insight into how the Internet works: the words that people type into search engines are not the same as the words people write on their websites.

You can use this disconnect to convince Google your website is relevant. It’s a three-step process.

  1. Find out which words and phrases people commonly type into search engines when they’re searching in your specialty area: the “keywords”.
  2. Go through these keywords and phrases and select the ones that describe what you do best that aren’t being used…

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Writer

Wisdom In Writing

MacBookThere are many reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter or content writer to help you out with your marketing. Chances are your in-house staff is overloaded with work, or you may not have the skills necessary for professionally polished copy. Choose a writer who charges a reasonable rate for their work and takes enough time to do the job right. Somebody who charges too little may be unskilled, and if a writer promises turnaround in hours as opposed to weeks, avoid them at all costs.

Here are 5 good reasons to hire a freelance writer for your in-house projects.

1. Freelance writers have skills that you may be lacking.

Smart business people tend to hire people who have skills that they don’t. For example, you may hire an accountant to do your taxes because you don’t know the intricacies of the tax code. You may hire a lawyer…

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Basic Steps of Effective Copywriting

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How to write an article/blog in 15 minutes


How to write an article/blog in 15 minutes!




The two most important things to take into account when writing an article or blog are quality of content and speed. Writing quickly doesn’t mean compromising on writing well.




Here are 5 tips to help you speed up and produce quality articles/blogs in a fraction of the time.




  • Keep an idea list

    For most bloggers and article writers finding a topic to write about takes half the time. Keep a notebook and scribble down your ideas as the come to you. When you are ready to write you have a ready made list of topics.

  • Keep it short

    To be able to finish an article in 15 minutes you must keep it short-under 500 words. This doesn’t mean you are skimping on quality . Make sure the content is full of information and every word counts.

  • Switch

    Don’t try to force the words. If you get stuck switch and work on another idea for a few minutes, it’s a great time-saver and you can always return to the previous idea when inspiration strikes.

  • Use numbers/bullet points

    Readers love lists, they are a lot easier for the eye to follow, easier to remember and much easier to write. Keep a template for How to’s and 10 ways.

  • Wait

    When you get a new idea for a new topic let it sit for a few days, you can add to it and when you start to write you will have all the supporting information you need.




This article was written in less than 15 minutes. 


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Travel Article

Travel Article

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I have always b…

I have always believed that writing advertisements is the second most profitable form of writing. The first, of course, is ransom notes.
-Philip Dusenberry

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10 Top Marketing Tips

1) Make “the Gatekeeper” your best friend – A receptionist/secretary can know more about what is going on in a business than anyone else.They can put you in touch with the right person you need to speak too, and pass on information. Make your initial call a “discovery” conversation. Make them feel important and knowledgeable and you someone who can provide a solution to a problem, save money etc.

2) Make your product relevant – You may offer many products/services but focus on the one most relevant to both the company and to current news. Needs are always more important than wants to a purchaser, so providing them with the need is essential.

3) Keep a genuine focus on the decision maker’s situation not yours – Listen to the decision makers to learn their specific challenges/needs. People buy from people they trust, and they trust those who they believe understand them. Include testimonials from current satisfied clients.

4) Make your design and copy stand out – Whether digital or print it is essential your design looks good, has the right information and is delivered to the right person. There are thousands of wrong ways of doing this so getting it right is important

5) Saving money is important – In today’s current economic climate everyone is interested in saving money. Putting together a discounted package or special offer will catch their attention and help them maximise their spending capacity.

6) Set your company apart from competitors – Focus on your USPs, what can you offer that the competition can’t? Next day delivery? Free technical back-up? Ongoing support and assistance?

7) Be a resource – Send out newsletters and maintain relationships with clients. If you are one step ahead of the game they will come to rely on the information you provide, and will be more likely to refer you to other potential customers. 

8) Use all the free resources you can, register on free directories, reply to industry blog posts, add partners and links to your webpage. Getting involved in local events is a great way to build brand awareness.

9) Integrated Marketing – Vary your marketing campaigns. The internet has revolutionised marketing, websites, email campaigns, social media networking can all generate business. However printed campaigns are still successful in a lot of sectors and telephone conversations can increase personal relationships.

10) Track your marketing – Include different reference codes on your campaigns so you can see what is working best. Always direct the customer to your website via a landing page so you can see how much traffic each campaign is producing.

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